Thursday, July 17, 2014

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth - Goddess Athena

In order to save Athena from certain death in the hands of the Lord of Hell himself, Seiya and his friends were tasked to deliver Athena's divine Cloth to her in Elysium. After fighting countless specters and gods, Seiya and his friends finally confronted Hades with a dying Athena in front of them. Before the final showdown between Athena and Hades, she donned the legendary Athena God Cloth.

 photo DSC_0686_zps95e48e7d.jpg
The Athena God cloth depicts the Goddess Athena herself equipped with her full gear.

 photo DSC_0683_zpsb2fb664d.jpg
About 40-50 percent of the figure was made using metal.

 photo DSC_0680_zps63d59dfb.jpg

 photo DSC_0676_zpsc86a8d60.jpg

 photo DSC_0672_zps3c6c15af.jpg
Different angle of the Athena God Cloth. This was one of the best looking God Cloth to date.

 photo DSC_0689_zps129ae7e6.jpg
Putting the cloth on Athena was actually quite straightforward.

 photo DSC_0694_zps035ca78c.jpg
Some parts from the dress/frill were excluded.

 photo DSC_0698_zps05f1b392.jpg
I like Athena better without the helmet.

 photo DSC_0700_zps2454474a.jpg
This figure came with a close-eyes face. I cannot recall when she actually did that in the anime.

 photo DSC_0707_zpsc8ddfc16.jpg
It also came with a open-mouth face.
This figure was what a lot of people considered as the last release for the Saint Myth Cloth series. The design and crafting of the cloth was as close as you can get to the anime adaptation. The face sculpts were perfect and the same goes to the hair sculpt. The only issue I have with this figure was the articulation. Even though the improved body was able to give the figure a lot of freedom, all of those articulation were restricted once the cloth was put onto the body.

Despite the issue, this was a great figure and it looks great among my Saint Seiya collection. I guess this will be the last I will ever see from the Saint Seiya Myth Cloth series. Pick one up if you are a fan of the series before the price goes off the roof.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fewture Ex Gokin Getter 2

Getter 2 was piloted by Hayato Jin with the assistance of Benki Kurama and Ryoma Nagare in the original Getter Robo anime/manga.

 photo DSC_0353_zps4c73e1b8.jpg
Getter 2 was the most petite among the 3 Getter Robo configuration.

 photo DSC_0358_zps9b666e2b.jpg
Close up on Getter 2. It has a good amount of diecast metal on it.

 photo DSC_0364_zpsc304e140.jpg
Getter 2 came with the Getter 2 machine.

 photo DSC_0372_zpsd2ae0a4a.jpg
Getter 2 with the Getter Reactor inserted into the chest compartment.

 photo DSC_0374_zps24123275.jpg
The lower chest armor used to conceal and protect the reactor.

 photo DSC_0404_zps0d0dbe29.jpg
The shin can be lowered to review the Getter energy tube.

 photo DSC_0380_zpsd6157fd2.jpg
Close up on the face.

 photo DSC_0381_zpse66fd413.jpg
Tilt the the head up and the skeletal feature such as the grinning skull can be seen.

 photo DSC_0369_zps5d61ccb6.jpg
Both arms were equipped with a pair of gigantic claw.

 photo DSC_0385_zps4054cab9.jpg
Either one of the arm can be removed and reattached with the iconic Getter Drill.

 photo DSC_0387_zps121c4a21.jpg

 photo DSC_0389_zps1d42af9e.jpg
The drill was a huge chunk of resin/plastic so it was difficult to have the joint hold it in place.

 photo DSC_0400_zps0a035eb8.jpg
Getter Drill!!!

 photo DSC_0393_zps3147f97b.jpg
If you were not satisfied with the thin drill bit, it can be replaced with this gigantic cone bit.

 photo DSC_0396_zps8fd5ee65.jpg
Drill on mecha was made popular by Getter 2 way before Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was around.
Since I was a late to the Fewture Ex Gokin series, I have problem trying to hunt this old release down with the limited budget which I have with me. This figure suffers a lot in terms of balancing and articulation. The slim design with a high center of balance makes it a challenge to keep this figure up right. The weak joints on the legs does not help either. The arms suffer a similar issue especially when either of the drill was attached to the arm. Despite the issue, this version of Getter 2 is still a masterpiece and is really something to behold.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Figma #SP-046 Guts Berserker Armour Version

The duel with Grunbeld proved too much for the battle-exhausted Guts until he was equipped with the Berserker armour.

 photo DSC_0364_zps4c92f4c3.jpg
Out-of-box content.

 photo DSC_0373_zps213498d3.jpg
Front view of the figure.

 photo DSC_0377_zps5f1269ec.jpg
Guts in Berserker mode.

 photo DSC_0382_zpsbf262a44.jpg
The helmet resembled the hell hound which was the negative aspect of Guts.

 photo DSC_0368_zpsfbec4c22.jpg
A comparison between 2 version of the Dragonslayer. The one on the left belongs to the Black Swordsman while the one on the right belongs to the Berserker. They were similar in form but different in finishing.

 photo DSC_0383_zps4e697ff0.jpg
It never ends well when Guts go berserk. At least for his enemies that is.

 photo DSC_0388_zpsad4e3fc6.jpg
The Berserker will attack with reckless abandon.

 photo DSC_0390_zpsc90aba7f.jpg
In this form, Guts movement was similar to those of a beast.

 photo DSC_0396_zps1067d4a1.jpg
Schierke was included with this figure in her spiritual form. She was one of a few characters which can help Guts regain his senses.

 photo DSC_0399_zps0992a436.jpg

 photo DSC_0401_zps77ab673d.jpg
Watch out Guts! Something is coming!

 photo DSC_0408_zps984dbd83.jpg
What in the world...
This figure was a limited edition product which came with a volume of the Berserk manga. As I have expected nothing less from Figma, the articulation was pretty good. All the joints on the figure can be moved to a wide range of angle enabling all sorts of pose for the figure. The finishing and sculpt were great too. The armour and facial expression for both Guts and Schierke was very close to the source material. The only issue I have with this figure was the price tag. I was a late comer to the Berserk series so by the time I was looking for this figure, the price have inflated for quite a bit in the secondary market. That aside, I think that this figure was a good buy and worth every penny i spent on it. Go grab one if you were a fan of the series before the secondary market droves the price tag even higher.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Figma #187 Guts Band of the Hawk Version

Guts was the captain of the raiding party for the mercenary group known as the Band of the Hawk which was lead by Griffith, their charismatic leader.

 photo DSC_0517_zps2fc0caec.jpg
Out-of-box content.

 photo DSC_0519_zps681f4594.jpg
Front view of the figure.

 photo DSC_0526_zps9e117624.jpg
Close up on the figure.

 photo DSC_0533_zpsea9ed1ab.jpg
Rear view of the figure.

 photo DSC_0530_zpsf83f8170.jpg
Close up rear view.

 photo DSC_0536_zps55eccd7d.jpg
Rear view with the great sword attached.

 photo DSC_0541_zpsbb384440.jpg
Guts with his battle gear.

 photo DSC_0543_zps00fbc20b.jpg
Guts with his traveling cloak.

 photo DSC_0547_zpsda9c7919.jpg
Guts with his full battle gear.

 photo DSC_0557_zpscc0d6c5f.jpg
Time to swing this baby around! Guts can hold this figure without much problem.

 photo DSC_0570_zps2c768307.jpg
The cloak restrict movement so I have to remove it.

 photo DSC_0573_zpsd9b27b3d.jpg
The regular head was swapped out with this yelling head.

 photo DSC_0575_zps3900ed73.jpg
The broad side of the great sword can be used for blocking.

 photo DSC_0650_zpsad6bcb80.jpg
Guts and Griffith.

 photo DSC_0639_zps56e74f76.jpg
Two sides of a coin.

 photo DSC_0657_zpsd828deee.jpg

 photo DSC_0659_zps402a3a68.jpg
A not-so-accurate depiction of their first duel.

The articulation and paint application on this figure was on par with the best figure Figma have ever produced. The face sculpt and design of the figure was very accurate to the original source. This version of Guts was considered as the latest in the Figma line and it depicted Guts in the Golden Age of the series. It was not as dark or gloomy compare to the Black Swordsman version which shows a battle-hardened Guts. This figure compliment the Griffith figure which was released earlier. Berserk was a long running manga and it have quite a number of fans due to it's intense plot and complex characters. This figure was obviously targeted to a niche market and die-hard fans of the series will surely get their hands on one of this.