Thursday, July 17, 2014

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth - Goddess Athena

In order to save Athena from certain death in the hands of the Lord of Hell himself, Seiya and his friends were tasked to deliver Athena's divine Cloth to her in Elysium. After fighting countless specters and gods, Seiya and his friends finally confronted Hades with a dying Athena in front of them. Before the final showdown between Athena and Hades, she donned the legendary Athena God Cloth.

 photo DSC_0686_zps95e48e7d.jpg
The Athena God cloth depicts the Goddess Athena herself equipped with her full gear.

 photo DSC_0683_zpsb2fb664d.jpg
About 40-50 percent of the figure was made using metal.

 photo DSC_0680_zps63d59dfb.jpg

 photo DSC_0676_zpsc86a8d60.jpg

 photo DSC_0672_zps3c6c15af.jpg
Different angle of the Athena God Cloth. This was one of the best looking God Cloth to date.

 photo DSC_0689_zps129ae7e6.jpg
Putting the cloth on Athena was actually quite straightforward.

 photo DSC_0694_zps035ca78c.jpg
Some parts from the dress/frill were excluded.

 photo DSC_0698_zps05f1b392.jpg
I like Athena better without the helmet.

 photo DSC_0700_zps2454474a.jpg
This figure came with a close-eyes face. I cannot recall when she actually did that in the anime.

 photo DSC_0707_zpsc8ddfc16.jpg
It also came with a open-mouth face.
This figure was what a lot of people considered as the last release for the Saint Myth Cloth series. The design and crafting of the cloth was as close as you can get to the anime adaptation. The face sculpts were perfect and the same goes to the hair sculpt. The only issue I have with this figure was the articulation. Even though the improved body was able to give the figure a lot of freedom, all of those articulation were restricted once the cloth was put onto the body.

Despite the issue, this was a great figure and it looks great among my Saint Seiya collection. I guess this will be the last I will ever see from the Saint Seiya Myth Cloth series. Pick one up if you are a fan of the series before the price goes off the roof.

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