Sunday, November 16, 2008

Revoltech Hokuto no Ken #01- Kenshiro

The year is 20xx. A nuclear holocaust has decimated the planet. The sea dried up and the planet was scorched. The earth was devoided of life... but mankind survive...

That is the introduction of one of the best anime ever created in the 1980s. The story revolves around Kenshiro, who is the sole successor of an ancient ansatsuken, (Killer Art) Hokuto Shinken. The practitioner of Hokuto Shinken is able to maim and even kill their opponent by striking into their secret acupuncture points, which often resulting in a violent and gruesome death. Kenshiro uses this art to oppose violent and uphold justice by helping the needy and punishing the guilty.

This figure comes with 4 extra pair of hands, 1 head, 1 stand, 1 extra limb, 1 jacket part and a nunchaku.

Front and rear view.

Close up front and rear view.

Side view of the figure.

The extra limb and jacket part is for the right arm.

We shall get down to business now...

Kenshiro with his stance.

Come and face me if you dare! The profile of Kenshiro is based on legendary Bruce Lee.

Martial art will not be complete without some overhead kick! :P

"I will block your attack with seven fingers." This is a quote taken from the battle against Uighur, the warden of Cassandra.

Kenshiro's fist does the job of beating punk to a pulp most of the time but he fancy a nunchaku on some occasion. This is also a tribute to Bruce Lee.

Kenshiro can practically kill someone with his finger.

I am the finger that will reach through heaven?!? :P Too much influence from TTGL.

As an overall, this is a great purchase. For the amount of money that I have to pay for this (which is relatively cheaper compare to all the other Hokuto no Ken figures out there), I am satisfied with the head sculpt that was able to capture the spirit of Kenshiro. The paint job was magnificent with some minor mistake. The only thing that I dislike is the limited articulation around the hip area. If Kaiyodo can do something about that, this will really be one of the greatest Revoltech figure yet!

Another thing that I would like to see is an extra chest for Kenshiro! In the manga or the anime, Kenshiro is usually seen fighting with an exposed chest (due to numerous reason) with that iconic seven scar on his chest. It does not do this figure any justice without that! I demand a bare-chested Kenshiro!!! =P


Janus Lu said...

Wah! Looks like you are now deep in poison with Revoltech, bro. I saw this Kenshiro in Sg.Wang toyshop, but the price is high so I skip it to get the Guren Lagann. Maybe next time I should try my luck at Time Square toy shops. Nice review there bro, so what is your next target???

eehtsitna said...

Deeply poisoned with Revoltech? Thats partly thanks to you guys. :P

I got this figure for around Rm85 if I am not mistaken (cheapest among all the shop that I frequent). Its reasonable in my book. :P I bought this in one of the comic shop in Bukit Bintang.

My next target? It is already in my display cabinet. :P Just that I buy stuff faster than I can review them. :D Next target is going to be explosive! :P

Janus Lu said...

Hahaha...looks like we can form a Revoltech union, bro.RM85 is damn cheap! Can you tell me where is that shop located? Next time when I go to KL I will visit there also.
Can't wait to see you show your next target.